Rules for Successful Hotel Wi-Fi

I just happen to be in a hotel with bad Wi-Fi and I thought to write up a quick ‘How to NOT’ do Hotel Wi-Fi using this facility as an example. But instead, this short post turned into a 3,500 word, 12-page article. In addition to posting the entire thing here – I’ll also post a simple […]

Acronyms Galore!

One of the issues related with any field of study is the use of Acronyms. My wife is a Labor & Delivery Nurse, and they have their own set of acronyms. I grew up as an Army/AirForce brat – and so was surrounded by acronyms my entire life. Then to top it off, I went […]

Wi-Fi ≠ Commodity

First, lets start out with a definition: Commodity – a mass-produced unspecialized product. A basic good used in commerce that is interchangeable with other commodities of the same type. My thesis of this blog post is that Wi-Fi is NOT an un-specialized product, but something that is highly unique and differentiates highly between various vendor […]

Kudos to the Consummate Professionals

I’ve been involved in the Computer Network Industry for a large portion of my life – and specifically in Wireless LANs for 14 years now. In my many travels around the world I’ve been blessed to have experienced many different types of situations involving wireless networks, and have met, taught, and worked with thousands of […]

Preparing for Wireless Tech Field Day #7

Yep, it’s about that time again. Time again to focus on the latest and greatest in the Wireless LAN vendor space. It is Wireless Tech Field Day #7! Hold the date – block off the time in your calendar now – and be ready for another set of great presentations. Save this link - From […]

Public Wi-Fi – Fast, Free and Easy

This is a blog post about Public Wi-Fi opportunities. Of course, these are just the opinions of this author. But it comes from interviews with hundreds of customers. Many in the WLAN industry who like to sell solutions to their customers might find the attitudes reflected in these posts as counter to them making more […]