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History of Wireless LAN Professionals.com

Our tag line truly is what this site, and all the podcasts are about.

“A place to educate, inform, entertain, and inspire”

A quick little background on my path to becoming a Wireless LAN Professional myself.

I started back in the Novell days with the CNA–>CNE–>CNI–>MCNE–MCNI process. Then moved through the same with Microsoft MCP–>MCSE–>MCP–MCSE+I. Then followed a path through the Cisco track with CCNA–>CCDA–CCNP–>CCDP. There were also the little side paths through Linux, Security, Web Design, and a bunch of CompTIA certs.

I got a bit tired of continually chasing the ‘next best certification’ and decided to settle down and focus on a single topic. I happened to choose Wireless LANs at an appropriate time.

So I got into the CWNA–>CWSP–>CWAP–CWNE process and achieved CWNE #3.

Since 2002 I’ve been totally focused on the Wireless LAN arena. Back in 2004 I thought to start an ‘association’ to help link the Wireless Vendors with the Wireless LAN end-users. It was a good idea, but a bit too early (you can see the results at the old web site of iWLANpro.org)

In the past eight years of working exclusively with Wireless LANs – consulting, designing, and teaching about Wireless Networks. In this time I’ve met some amazing folks. People I’ve learned much from. I’ve taught literally thousands of people and consulting with nearly a hundred companies.

But, and here’s the main reason for this site. I have lost track of many of these amazing people.

So this site is dedicated to those who are involved in the craft of Wireless LANs – folks who work day-in, day-out with Wireless networking. A place to come and learn from, hang out with, and be inspired by other like-minded individuals.


Come on in, get involved, and join in the community!

Wireless LAN Professionals.com

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2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Howdy Keith,

    I’ve only recently discovered your wireless lan weekly podcast but I think it’s just fantastic! I’m quickly working my way through the 10 most recent episodes that are available in iTunes but I was wondering if there is a way to get episodes 1-44 into iTunes as well? Is there some trick to making it see older episodes or can they only be heard directly from your website? Keep up the great work!!