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Keith Headshot bwHi, I’m Keith and I want to welcome you to WLANPros.com – the home of the most active, engaged, and passionate wireless LAN professionals on the planet.  (Read about my own path to becoming a WLAN PRO HERE)

Are you are a wireless LAN professional? Maybe you hope to be one day. Or maybe, you’re like me – someone who is on a mission to change the face of our industry “for good”.

I enjoy the job security of being a Wireless LAN Professional – can you say the same? Why not?


We’ve All Encountered “Bad Wifi”…

At one of our recent #WLPC (WLAN Pros Conferences) WLAN Profressional Eddie Forero shared a great “Ten Talk” cataloging some of the worst offenders…

Maybe you can relate? Maybe you’ve seen worse.


It’s Time For Something Better.

Jump in with us… we’re waiting


Between the regular, free content on our blog and podcast episodes, to our more intensive WLAN Master Classes and WLAN University, to our live events across the globe, you’ll be sure to grow in your knowledge as a WLAN Profressional as well as build relationships with some of the best in our field.

If we don’t care about the issues facing Wireless LAN who will?

  • We’re the technicians.
  • We’re the architects.
  • We’re the vendors.
  • We’re the VARs
  • We’re Wireless LAN Professionals
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Yes We Are Wireless LAN Professionals

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