The conference FOR wireless LAN professionals BY wireless LAN professionals

What is the #WLPC?

Since beginning my career as a Wireless LAN Professional, I’ve wanted to create a gathering of people who love Wi-Fi where we could get together and “talk tech”. I wanted a conference FOR wireless LAN professionals BY wireless LAN Professionals.

I basically created the #WLPC as a way to hang out with my peers so we could “talk shop” without the need for hype or pressure from salespeople. This is a “vendor neutral” conference that is focused on sharing knowledge, resources, and building relationships. While those other conferences are a lot of fun and have their place, I wanted something a little different.

We refer to this conference around here and on twitter as #WLPC, and it has grown from two events a year (one in Europe and one in the US) to hopefully many more in several different regions soon.

These events bring together hundreds of the best minds in WLAN. Whether you were just “nominated” as the Wi-Fi guy in your company or you run a multi-million dollar vendor business you are welcome to join us. We come together for a few days of “going deep” on all things Wi-Fi.

We have even included a 3 day bootcamp before the conference for those who are working towards different certifications.

Hope to see you at the next #WLPC

Keith Parsons
Managing Director
Wireless LAN Professionals, Inc.

Who Presents?

All of our presenters come from the body of attendees. Every year we take submissions from anyone who wants to share on a topic they are passionate about. We then send out a survey to everyone to find out what topics are of most interest and most needed. So we always get a great mix of presentations from some of the “veterans” in the industry, as well as those newer to wireless LAN networking. And while we do strive to keep the conference “vendor neutral” we are always happy to hear from any vendors who want to be a part. We just ask everyone to “share knowledge with your peers”, and avoid “sales pitches to leads”.


Just some of our #WLPC speaker alumni

Andrew von Nagy


Devin Akin

Zaib Kaleem

Darrell DeRosia

Jerry Olla

Manon Lessard

Peter Mackenzie

Chuck Lukaszewski

Jonathan Davis

John Anderson


Ryan M. Adzima

Jake Snyder

Ferney Munoz

Dr. Eldad Perahia

Lee Badman


Vladan Jevremovic

Brian Long

Veli-Pekka Ketonen

Dave Wright

Keith Parsons


Blake Krone

Alan Blake

Rick Murphy

Jay Botelho

François Vergès


 What’s The Agenda and Format?

#WLPC is an immersive, “deep dive” teaching and training conference taking place between 2 -3 full days in various locations around the world.

Each day is made up of several different types of presentations and hands on activities led by experienced practitioners in the WLAN industry . The conference is designed to enhance your knowledge on all things Wi-Fi helping you become the best at what you do.


What’s Included?

Attendee Bag

One of the highlights of every #WLPC is the “Attendee Bag”. Each attendee is given a collection of tools and resources with each registration. This goes beyond your typical “swag” and provides hundreds of dollars of additional value to your #WLPC experience. 

One Inclusive Price

To make it easier for those of you who need to request funds from your supervisors – breakfast and lunch, your hotel, and conference registration are all included in the price. No need for multiple funding requests. 

Lots and Lots of Training

You will walk away with hours and hours of industry specific training and education. If you can only choose one conference to go to a year, we believe this is the one. 

Wonderful Networking

You really are among friends and peers at #WLPC. You will have lots of opportunities to connect and re-connect with those who share your passion and love of Wi-Fi. There really isn’t another conference quite like the #WLPC.


How it all started

Take a look back at our first US #WLPC gathering.
(And yes, google glass makes an appearance)


When and where is #WLPC Happening?

We currently are hosting #WLPC in the US, Europe, and Latin America. We are exploring launching two new conferences – one in Asia and one in Australia or New Zealand.

If you would like to be added to the list letting you know the details of any of the conferences, please click on a region below and add your name and email. You’ll be notified with details as they become available for that area of the world.